img_5612Welcome to my personal website!

Here you can find some information about my professional activities, experience, publications, video, pictures as well as contact information and some documents.

And, first of all, let me introduce myself.

I am an experienced educator and researcher, lawyer and administrator, former Fulbright-Kennan Scholar (2007), and George F. Kennan Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center (2014-2015). I have been also twice a Scholar-in-Residence at American University, Washington College of Law (in 2011 and 2014-2015). 

Currently I work as a Legislative Analyst & Legal Assistant at Homer Law (DC-based law firm that focuses on Federal Indian Law) and as a Consultant at the World Bank Group (Washington, DC). 

Хоган, резервация навахоI am also Adjunct Professor at American University, School of International Service (Washington, DC) and Associate Professor at Kazan Federal University, International and European Law Department (Kazan, Russia).


Over the past ten years, I have managed and developed different legal, administrative, research and analytical work. I have practiced law, run a law department at university in Russia and taught a variety of courses, including International Law, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Constitutional Law, Contemporary Russia and so on. In 2010 I was awarded the best lecturer and scholar at Tatar State University of Education and Humanities (Russia).Индейский мустанг

I have a PhD in International law and have published more than 70 papers, spoken at different international conferences in Russia, Austria, USA, Brazil, France, UK, Norway, and Finland. I have visited meetings of such intergovernmental organizations as OSCE, UN and OAS. I am a member of Russian Association of International law, American Society of International law and editorial staff member of the Arctic Review on Law and Politics (Norway) and Kazan Journal of International Law (Russia). My most recent book, Indigenous Peoples’ Protection in International Law (2012), was awarded the Best Monograph at Kazan Federal University (Russia).Вождь шайенов

The area of my research interests includes: International Law and Relations, International Organizations, International Security, Arctic Development, Extractive Industries and Environmental issues, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples and National Minorities, Self-Determination and Territorial Integrity, Constitutional Law, Federalism and Autonomies,  Russian Foreign Policy, Geopolitical Interests and International Order.В музее Американских индейцев (Washington, DC)

Especially I am passionate about American Indian studies and current events surrounding indigenous peoples’ issues, especially concerning international law and Human Rights. My current research project, “Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Development in Russia and the U.S.: International Legal and Domestic Issues,” examines the development of Russian indigenous minority peoples’ and Native Americans’ rights, with a particular focus on self-determination, land rights, and environmental issues in both countries. I plan to develop my project into a book manuscript, and to publish it in the US and Russia.Ruslan Garipov and Jayson Betsuie (Navajo Medicine Man)

I have moved to Washington, DC to further my involvement in the field of International Law and Relations, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples’ issues, and I see my teaching and researching here as an opportunity to achieve my dreams, engage in new experiences and gain a deeper understanding of contemporary international problems. Here, I am able to pitch to top-tier American Indian’s leaders, NGO outlets, international organizations and the National Museum of the American Indian, gaining valuable experience and useful connections. I believe my personal skills and professional experience will enable me to make an immediate contribution to the theory and practice of international law and relations, Human Rights as well as Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, and to become a successful international lawyer and scholar.garipov2-300x225